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Carpenters Local #306
List of Companies
This list is just being compiled and is incomplete but will give you a start.
Click Here for Carpenter Companies Text
Click here for Jobs list
Click on the above and download. It is built on MSWorks. the
This list includes phone #'s and addresses to assist you in finding work
The out of Work List is not available for publishing.
The out of work list Phone # in Oregon and S.West Washington
is available at    Contact Us
Click on this of a AREA DISPACH Form in .pdf <<click
thanks 247 !
Local 247 in Portland runs a weekly dispach list,
(That is the companies and sites of people
who have been dispached in the last week).
It is at
at the Members button enter your stats and they will email you back the password (most times the sameday)

hey,  Good Luck!!

(This photo is of Me, and two of my three, Union sons.)