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The Brotherhood Emblem

Our Emblem, Few know what all this is.
So from the Carpenter Mag. Heres the Offical explanation

" The offical emblem of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America
 was adopted at the Fourth General Convention in Cincinnati,Ohio, Augest 1884.

The emblem was originaly designed by the old National Union of Carpenters,
which was orginised in September 1864.

 The motto inscribed theirin, "Labor Omnia Vincit" translats from the latin,
 "Labor Conquers all Things".

The other elements of design, such as the rule and the compass,
 have the following meaning:

The Rule: Signifying the desire of the orginazation to live by the Golden Rule-
"to do unto others as you would like done unto you"
The Compass: Indicating that we shall endevaver to surround our members
 with better conditions, Socialy, Morality, and Intellectually.
The Jack Plane: a tool emblematic of the trade.
The Colors: Pale blue- signifying ideas as Pure, Clean and Lofty as the skies,
while the dark Red denotes that "Labor is Honorable",
and that through honorable labor red blood runs through the veins of those who toil.

The Sheild or Base of the emblem indicating that those legally wearing
 the emblem are moraly bound to:
Safeguard and Protect the interests of the orginazation and its members.

this is the truth