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Its Our Money. Its Our Union
We Decide What To do With It  !!!!

The Strike is always the last resort.

Have you bought a car lately, had one fixed,
seen a doctor , lawyer, dentist ?

Our wage has not kept up.

So, its time to do something

I have been unable to get a hold of the Actuary for our Trust.
to submit this list.
I wanted to see exactly how many cents these changes would cost.

 The Changes to our contract. I want to see

The Husband / Wife deduction,
This is the pension selection, we all have to make, when we retire.
We can just keep it till we die, then our wife's get nothing after we die.
 Or take a $600 dollar a month, cut in monthly pay outs,
 so she can get our check, when / after we are gone.

I have been trying to get some action on this for years.

Most say, "well she will get the house",

So they expect us to take a large cut in our retirement monthly payment, so our wives can have something to live on after we are dead.

Some have told me, "well that's so if a young thing, marries an old carpenter, the trust will have to pay her for the rest of her life".

Execpt one thing, 90 percent of us are already married.
What about our wifes?
 The ones who have been here all along,
Like mine,(32 yrs and counting) Stayed home and raised our 4 kids, hasent built up any social security, hasent any pension,
ooo except our pension, thats the one we both sacrificed for,  the same one, the Carpenters Union and Company owners, are/will   take part of.

The Pension, I thought would be there for her, You know, so my wife can have MY check when I die.
She has Earned it  !!!
This has got to change, and we will strike over it.
 Its $600 dollars a month reduction,
 if you want your wife to get your retirement, when you die.
Its not right. Ask your wife if its right!!!  see what she thinks.
ok, on to some more:

We must and will join our trust, to that of  Western Washington.
6 months bank, on Health and Welfare. The trust itself cant keep up with the current 3 months.
90%  coverage on Major medical.
Try paying 20 percent of a 64 thousand dollar hospital bill, like I just did.
its our union; its our money.
Our Pension Multiplyer,  should be raised.
Our Dental insurance is inadequate,
$1500 hundred a year was good in the 70's, but It is shamefull now,
 and the reduction if not used is outrageous.
We must lower the percentage deducted from our checks. It has remained the same but the man hours have grown so large, it can be safly reduced
Do away with the reporting cities,  like Hood River and Bingen. dumb
The contractor shall provide parking, and / or bridge tolls,
or pay the prevailing price to park.
When we have to pay to park, to work for you,
 Its just a cut in pay, plain and simple.

This is just a start.

We will not take less.

Have you bought a car lately, had one fixed, seen a doctor , lawyer, dentist ?
Our wage has not kept up.
So its time to do something

Its Our Money. Its Our Union
We Decide What To do With It  !!!!

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Victory   for ALL...    6-17-2007
The drywallers did it and so will we.

Following preliminary talks Friday evening with the help of a Federal mediator and all day bargaining Saturday also with the mediator we reached a tentative agreement with the contractors at 9:30 PM.
if passed the agreement will take effect Wednesday June 20th.

Read more

A genneral Amnesty for all  involved, including the hourly supervision who walked.
heres how it read----

"There will be a general amnesty declared where by both parties drop all legal proceedings and all members who honored or walked picket lines including members who are supervision will be forgiven."

lesson learned  - "you can do it"

read The tentitive contract\

Article 5.12  is the most important ;  no one shall stand in the way, of our trust,
moving, or to, merge with the Washington trust--- (Para. phrased. by me )
 this is a major victory.

Thank you to our brothers and sisters who did the dirty work , and won the victory!

Its Our Money. Its Our Union

Strike, you say,
 oooo im scared,

 its your right.
read on brother and sister;


The recent Labor Press contained valuable information about:
  The  History of  The Air-Traffic Controllers Strike 1980( I will call them the ATC's)
 from a Georgetown professor, Historian Joseph McCartin.

These words are reprinted from a May 12, 2007 meeting,
with amateur and profesional labor historians,
at the Pacific Northwest Labor History Association.
as noticed and written in the NW Labor Press,
 vol 108 #11 June 1,2007 Portland.

After 1980 Americians stopped going on Strike.
The year before , there had been 235 major strikes
(strikes of more than 1000 workers), in which over a million workers took part.
 Last year there were 20, involving just 70,000 workers.

In writing a book on the ATC's, Mr. McCartin adds these observations.
 This strike is the one that President Reagan fired 11,359 federal employees.
 It was the  symbolic beginning of an era of union-busting
 and permanent replacement of striking workers.

The air-Traffic Controllers were white ex-mititary, having learned their trade in the armed forces. They were amoung the higest-paid federal employees, and had shills that took at least three years to acquite.
Their Union was politicaly conservative, and backed President Reagan in the 1980 election.
They wanted the FAA to agree to better working conditions, better pay and a shortter work week. Reagan, a former Screen Actors Guild President, told them that he supported them and understood their greviences.
But they came to feel, he betrayed their trust. FAA didnt budge in contract talks. It is illegal for federal employees to Strike, but others had done so with out troble.
When PATCO members Struck on Aug 3, 1981, Reagan told them to return to work or be fired and permanently banned from federal service.
They thought their strike would bring commerical aviation to a halt, and that puplic opinion would not tolerate it.
but one in 10 strikers crossed the picket line and kept airport control towers going, along side military conntrolers and the public rallied round Pres. Reagan for standing up to so called: Unoin Blackmail.

It was a disaster for Labor,  as  noone backed the Strike
 and the military steped in to fill the jobs
again i will repeat, one in 10 strikers crossed the picket line and kept airport control towers going, along side military conntrolers.

The PATCO strike was not a singlar,exceptional event. It was themost visable however, in Atlanta 1977, when about 1300 sanation workers represented by AFSCME, were permanetly replaced by Demacratic Mayor Maynord Jackson, after a 48 hr ultination. looking at statistics, the pattern is unmistakable.
From 19478 to 1977, the Strike had held steady. Americian workers were surpassed only by Italy and Finland in the number of workdays lost to Strikes.

The 1950's were the most strike prone years, 352 major workstoppages a year.
the 1960's averaged 283 a year.
the 1970's averaged 289 a year
then it drops  
1980's    83
1990      35
2000      23

Feburary 2003 was the first ever month since the bereau of Labor began keeping stats. there was not a single strike of more than 1000 workers was begun anywhere in America. since 1947.

McCartin, understanding why workers stopped
 Strikeing is an intriguing puzzle--

Many people think we will price ourselves out of the market,
or injure delicate, just made Union relationships.
mabye, but we will always have these conditions,
 we should never Strike for whats right?

  We lead the market,
 We determine the davis bacon wage,
 We decide what Union Carpenters will be paid,
 its time for a change.

Have you had your car fixed latley?
 Have you recieved a doctor or hospital  bill latley?
 Have you recieved a bill from your Laywer?
mabye you have bought a new Car?
bought cloths for you kids?

We dont make near enough to keep up with the ability to pay these bills.
In three years we can decide different'ly, if we would like.

Many have felt that instead of doing nothing to help PATCO, in 1981,
 that the entire Country's union workforce should have;
called in sick,
saying their Balls hurt from sports last weekend.

history is an Important Tool. LETS LEARN FROM IT.

read more on the Labor Press's; "ramifications of '81 PATCO strike still being felt".

Its Our Money. Its Our Union

I will enter more later, thank you. Terry