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Its great  
ask about the 80 and out

years of service and age = 80 you can retire its great

401k's do not work for retirement just watch PBS's frontline    <<click

On IRA's
"I think this is a crisis in the making," says Alicia Munnell, director of the Boston College Center for Retirement Research. "I think 10 or 15 years from now, people who approach their early 60s are simply not going to have enough money to retire on."
"I would say, unless you're fortunate to be in the upper-income quartiles, that you're probably going to be in for a very rough ride," adds Jack VanDerhei of the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI). "You're not going to have sufficient monies to pay the predictable expenses -- your housing, your utilities, your food -- plus the potential catastrophic medical care costs."
You need a Pension like ours

Our Pension is Great; call and ask about it.

 dont get me wrong I do have a suggestion on how to make it great-er,
so that gets me to:
The Husband / Wife deduction,
This is the pension selection, we all have to make, when we retire.

We can just keep it till we die,
then our wife's get nothing after we die.

 Or take a
$600 dollar a month, cut in monthly pay outs,
 so she can get our check, when or after we are gone.

I have been trying to get some action on this for years.

Most say, "well she will get the house",

So they expect us to take a large cut in our retirement monthly payment, so our wives can have something to live on after we are dead.

Some have told me, "well that's so if a young thing, marries an old carpenter, the trust will have to pay her for the rest of her life".

Execpt one thing, 90 percent of us are already married.
What about our wifes?
 The ones who have been here all along,
Like mine,(32 yrs and counting) Stayed home and raised our 4 kids, hasent built up any social security, hasent any pension,
ooo except our pension, thats the one we both sacrificed for,  the same one, the Carpenters Union and Company owners, are/will   take part of.

The Pension, I thought would be there for her, You know, so my wife can have MY check when I die.
She has Earned it  !!!

This has got to change, and we will strike over it.
 Its $600 dollars a month reduction,
 if you want your wife to get your retirement, when you die.
Its not right. Ask your wife if its right!!!  see what she thinks.

Start asking questions about it!!!