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Be a Union Contractor

Signing up as a Union Contractor is easier than you think.

We work with a Contract.
That's a Contract between you the Contractor and Us,
 the Carpenter.
With this Contract we agree to work hard,
 8 hrs a day for 8 hrs pay, as listed in our Contract.

from the UBC home page;
Belonging to the Union/UBC does not;
protect anyone's destruction/theft of company property.
Allow one to regularly miss work.
Grant permission to incessantly complain.
Permit insubordinate acts on the job.
Enable anyone to lay back on the job.
These are all old misconceptions of Unions and Contracts.

Carpenters' Bill of Rights and Responsibilities:
The Carpenters' Bill of Rights and Responsibilities are simple direct, and fair.
Our Bill of Rights says:
Here's what we believe.
Here's what we stand for.
Here are the basic rights of every working carpenter–union and non-union.
But with rights come responsibilities–and no one knows that better than we do.
We know that it is the responsibility of every carpenter to provide a good day's work and to produce a craftsman's product in return

We agree to work hard, for your agreement to pay our scale, and our Health/ Welfare benefits.
To have basic connivence's on site such as; portable toilets, clean drinking water and an adequate place to store our tools.
That's it;  cut and dry

We will send you a Contract upon request, and/or come talk to you about it, if you need more information..

A Contractor only need to sign the Contract and talk with our Business agent.
Call us at  541-548-4447               Contact Us   
or Toll Free at  1 877 499 6419
If you are not in our area, we can put you in touch with a person, who is, in your area.

Thank You,
Terry Murray,  Member and web designer
Local 306 , Hood River, Oregon

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